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The first thing that you will notice about this site is our unusual selection of places and a rather interesting and uncommon range of tours. While most tour operators offer run of the mill tours, The Wanderers go a few steps beyond and offer you a diverse mix of tours to choose from. Our clients are those who stand out from the crowd and demand indepth, offbeat, personalised and uncommon experiences on our tours to fulfil their travel wishlist. They push the limits of travel to enrich their lives. In the process, they push us to create a different genre of travel that we call ‘travel without boundaries’.

We focus on tours to lesser known exotic destinations. Exciting eco-journeys, thrilling adventures, exploratory trips, unconventional luxury, romantic holidays. From alpine journeys in the Himalayas to farm stays in Sicily, from active vacations in New Zealand to wildlife tours in Alaska, from a  heady party scene in Mykonos to the calmness of  a luxury spa in Ubud, from wilderness experiences in Namibia or the Arctic circle to rediscovering an ancient civilisation in Peru, whatever it is that you want, your ideas will spring to life in our company.

The Wanderers website


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